Defying Gravity


Youtube Video

Corporate video

Calisto Grand /ACCEE is the leading provider of best practice in Credit Management in Central europe. It is committed to delivering the highest standards of Best Practice in Order to Cash across Central and Eastern Europe.
As a corporate video, the idea of promoting, producing, filming a real sci-fi story rests on the driving theme of the annual conference in 2018, namely Defying Gravity.
At the basis of communication, as creative agency, we have specifically thought, to convey corporate messages, values ​​and issues, to refine communication through the use of fiction in a short film, a key element often in promoting certain specific messages, and whose realization makes headed by the brand and is integrated between the marketing and communication strategies.
Telling ideas, communicating with energy, fun, being innovative, is the basis of this content, as branded content. The idea was born in collaboration with Antonio Pedro Nobre, a successful Portuguese screenwriter, collaborator of our team.
The writing took a few weeks, while the production had to solve several location problems: the Shuttle cockpit, the control room, the interior of Apollo 13, are real reconstructions. The use of green screen allowed us to insert backgrounds, stars, the planet earth in video and more, using CGI and Visual Effects / FX, while the shuttle is in 3D, using the open source Blender program. The shooting days were 3, we used Blackmagic 4K cameras, gimbals for the movements, and a classic crew, video edited using Adobe Premiere and After Effects, color grading and color correction with DaVinci Resolve. Post production took several weeks to fine-tune the visual effects part.